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Royal SHOCK: Buckingham Palace ISN’T the most secure place in UK- Royals fear for safety

Royal experts reveal that the Buckingham Palace is not the most secure place in the state. Although it has that ‘safety’ title to it, the lack of security brought an intruder to the palace years ago. Her Majesty herself found the intruder in her own bedroom.

With the Trooping of Colours on the way, palace staff is organising the event with full speed. The ceremony, which is celebrating her Majesty’s birthday, will end up at the Palace’ balcony. However, shock claims are saying that the Palace isn’t the safest place for royals to be. A security breach years ago speaks about its lack of safety.

Royals were concerned for their safety back in the days.

While everyone assumes that the Buckingham Palace is the safest place to be, that might not be the case. The Queen’s home has some holes when it comes to security.

Former royal butler Paul Burrell said: “You would think that Buckingham Palace is one of the most secure properties in the land – you’re wrong.

“Back in the day, the security was there, but not enough.”

The butler was referring to the incident in 1982, when Michael Fagan managed to break into the palace through an open window. The intruder later found the way to the Queen’s bedroom and freaked her out.

When the alarms got triggered, the police thought they were malfunctioning so they switched them off.

Also, the guard who was supposed to be outside the Queen’s bedroom was not at his place. As this wasn’t enough, when the Queen tried to call the police, nobody answered because it was early in the morning.

Royal correspondent Emily Andrews added: “He could have easily killed the Queen in her bed, and that would have been it.

“He sat on her bed and apparently she kept him calm by having a nice chat!”

The former butler reveals what her Majesty was really concerned about.

He said: “Her Majesty told me the story personally.

“I said, well that’s extraordinary.

“She said, ‘Plus he was gripping a broken ashtray and he was bleeding my counterpane.’

“She was worried about was the bloodstain on her bedclothes – she wasn’t worried about her safety at all!

“Anything could have happened to our monarch, lying in her bed, she could have been knifed, she could have been suffocated.

“The scandal meant that  royal security was doubled, and her majesty could sleep safely in her bed

Then Home Secretary Willie Whitelaw even offered his resignation following the incident. 

Michael Fagan, the 1982 Palace intruder

The person who saved the Queen was her butler, Paul Whybrew, also known as “Tall Paul”.

Mr Whybrew got the intruder out of the Queen’s room and he is her favourite servant ever since. He is still faithfully serving her Majesty.

“Tall Paul” was even given a supporting role in the Queen’s famous 2012 Olympics opening ceremony James Bond film.

The faithful butler can be seen alongside Her Majesty and her corgis as they escort Daniel Craig as James Bond.

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